Enhancing User Experience with Responsive Website Design


Are you reading this from your phone or desktop? We live in an age where it’s unheard of to not have internet access 24/7 especially because of mobile devices. Our ever evolving technology is directing us to be mobile. Most recently, Google determined more people were searching on mobile than desktop. It should be no surprise, but would it surprise you to know that websites aren’t automatically responsive? For many clients who will potentially view your site on multiple platforms, from desktop to mobile and tablet devices, having a dynamic and responsive site is critical. A responsive site can mean the difference between a customer for life, or one who gets frustrated and leaves your site immediately, never to return. Responsive design services implement technologies that display your website more effectively across different screen sizes, making your site more user friendly to mobile and tablet users (who total more than half the U.S. population and are growing exponentially).

What was once considered trendy has now become an industry standard; and with that, we must manage the customer’s expectations when they come to our site.  Their expectations are high, but not unreasonable.

If you do not have a website, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach a broader audience and expand your business. And, if your current website does not provide a memorable experience for mobile device users, you are losing money. This is not simply an issue of treading water. Did you know that sites not considered mobile-friendly are penalized by Google? So even if you choose not to move to a responsive design, the experience that users have on your site is still being evaluated by their ranking algorithms, which if they were to be negative, would adversely impact your SEO. Due to Google’s enormous power on the internet, this matters. Google Search is the 4th most popular app overall, behind Facebook and YouTube.

So join the trend (mostly because you have to) and give Newton Design and Marketing a call today!