Newton Soars with Waterway Video

When Newton Design & Marketing met with The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC) in November 2010, they presented them with a concept – create a video that would promote TWDC’s final vision of the newly planned Waterway Square in The Woodlands, Texas.  “We introduced them to a very cool video created by a company called Neoscape of Boston, Massachusetts,” said Tanya Jacobson, Newton’s Creative Director.  Neoscape is an entrepreneurial 3-D photo-realistic visualization, animation and videography studio that specializes in using off-the-shelf and proprietary imaging programs to produce video, images and interactive web sites and programs for the real estate and broadcast industries. “The video had been made for another development located in Boston.”  TWDC liked what they saw and asked Newton to get them some quotes.

So the team at Newton got to work making connections, getting quotes and putting together a plan.  Their first order of business was deciding on which video company they wanted to use.  “We knew that in order to make a video as nice as the one we presented to TWDC, we should contract with the company who did the original video presented,” Jacobson said.  “Using NeoScape made sense because they already had a working relationship with Elkus Manfredi, the architect who worked on many of the Waterway Square buildings we were going to have to animate in 3D. In addition, Elkus was in Boston and happened to be just around the corner from NeoScape – so it was a perfect working relationship.”

With much coordinating to do before they could shoot the video, Tanya along with Newton’s on-the-ground project manager Kelli Moore had their work cut out for them.  “Kelli was focused on finding our talent, pulling permits and basically getting things coordinated.” said Jacobson.  “My main focus was creative concepting, story board creation, script writing, and co-directing.”

Once the filming was underway, the video quickly took shape. “We did an aerial video shoot from a helicopter as well as several location video shoots at Waterway Square,” said Jacobson.  Prior to completion of the video, Jacobson along with TWDC Director of Marketing, Susan Vreeland-Wendt and Vice President of Commercial Development, Dan Leverett, took a trip to Boston for final editing. “It was such a fun trip and a beautiful time to visit Boston.”

Eight months after TWDC solicited Newton’s help, the team unveiled what is now an award winning video of The Waterway Square District.  “We are very proud of this video, said Jacobson.  “It has won a Gold SIAA award as well as a local ADDY award.”  With the Waterway Square video having also been entered into the Telly Awards and the Communicator Awards, Newton is likely to have many more awards on the horizon.  Most recently, Newton received a request to add new buildings to the video, including the new Anadarko tower.

Check out the Waterway Square video.  To view other some of Newton’s other videos, visit our YouTube page.